Our daycare curriculum follows the Ministry guidelines, our staff provide stimulating and educational activities based on HDLH (How Does Learning Happen?). Through observations, our teachers work with the interests of the children to develop both structured and non-structured activities to promote growth in all areas of development. This emergent curriculum changes according to the children’s interests. Children experience a variety of daily planned activities in arts and crafts, sensory and science, physical activity, dramatic play, and many more educationally fun activities to promote growth in all areas. For more details please see our Parent Handbook December, 2016

Parent Fees

Toddler Rate: $56.50/day
Preschool Rate: $41.00/day

Fee payment policy:

Fees must be paid in advance of the service.

Post dated cheques are required.  The date and the amount due will be provided within the first week of care.  Fees are to be paid in advance of care, and received between the 20th and 30th of each month. All overdue accounts will be charged 1.5% per month, of the overdue amount, unless prior alternate arrangements are made with Fairview. Fairview reserves the right to send any overdue account to a collection agency.

To reserve a full time space, the fees must be paid whether the space is occupied or not (i.e. vacation or illness).

The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny child care services to anyone who is (2) two weeks behind in payment of fees, and an administration fee of $15.00 will be charged for N.S.F. cheques.

Parents are required to give two (2) weeks notice when withdrawing a child from the centre.
Two weeks fees are due in lieu of notice

Our Programs

Fairview Child Care Centre offers 3 programs: Toddler Program, Junior Preschool Program and Senior Preschool Program.

Our Toddler Program accepts children ages 18 months to 30 months of age. We are licensed for 15 toddlers with 3 teachers in this program.
Toddler Curriculum Program Room 2 - Fairview Child Care Toddler Curriculum Program Room - Fairview Child Care


Our Junior Preschool Program is licensed for 32 children ages 30 months to 5 years of age. We have a Junior Preschool room with 16 children and two educators.Junior Curriculum Programs Room - Fairview Child Care


And a Senior Preschool Program Room also with 16 children and two educators.Senior Curriculum Programs Room 2 - Fairview Child CareSenior Curriculum Programs Room - Fairview Child CareFairview Child Care Centre Programs Facilities