Program Statement

Fairview Child Care Centre - Children Washing Windows

Fairview Child Care Centre in Ottawa offers program that is focused on the social, emotional and creative development of our children in a secure and pleasant learning environment. We offer them the opportunity to explore and develop both mentally and physically.

We endeavor to stimulate independence, curiosity, and positive verbal communication skills, exposing the children to art, books, music and nature. We also provide and teach good nutrition and health care.

The program promotes non-sexist attitudes in all children through dramatic play and everyday activities and as well supports multi-culturalism and inclusion of all children.


Fairview Child Care Centre History

First Snow Man - by Fairview Child Care Center Children

Fairview Child Care Centre was established in 1985 by Anne Marie O’Brien and Margaret Speirs. Their focus was to deliver quality, licensed, not-for-profit child care to Preschool and Kindergarten ages children within the community.

In September 2001, Fairview moved to its current location inside St. Michael’s Catholic School on Donald Street.

In September 2012, Fairview went from a Preschool / Kindergarten Aged program to a Toddler / Preschool program.

Fairview is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of both members of the day care and the community.

Fairview is a not-for-profit child care centre and receives funding from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Ministry of Education.